Family Movie Nights!

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Family movie nights are a great way to spend time together at the end of a busy day. Even the most hectic schedule can find some wiggle room for 2-3 hours once a week, once every other week, or once a month. Sure, you can have everyone sit on the couch at the same time while streaming something on Hulu, but here are a few ways to make movie night extra special

Everyone puts their phones away. There is no one in the world more important than the ones in the room with you.

Make sure everyone is comfortable! Before the movie begins, you can get into your pajamas or put on fuzzy socks. And make sure the room is comfy, too. You can lay out all the pillows you can find around the house or build a blanket fort in the living room. If you have the time and creativity. Family movie night can be a whole experience.

Set out your favorite movie snacks. This could even be a bonus family activity of going to the store together so everyone can pick their favorite candy or working together to make the ultimate nachos.

Of course, we cannot forget the ultimate movie snack: popcorn. We in the Brown family don’t always make popcorn, but when we do we always like to flavor it up. The real fun is coming up with your own blends, but we’ll include a few to get you started.

  • Toss in melted butter, then add garlic salt and parmesan cheese.

  • For a sweet snack, coat unsalted popcorn in melted coconut oil and toss with cinnamon and sugar.

  • If you prefer a bit of spice, squeeze fresh lime juice and sprinkle on some chili powder

  • For a simple but elevated taste, try truffle oil and sea salt.

  • Everything but the bagel seasoning has the ultimate savory flavor to go with…well, almost everything! Have you tried it with popcorn yet? If you can’t find the blend at your local grocery store, or just want to try making your own, all you need is sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried minced garlic, and dried minced onion. Coat your popcorn in olive oil so it all holds together.
    1. Now get together and enjoy a great evening!


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